This cutest little mouse, named Jelly Roll carving a jack o lantern for Halloween print with a double mat is from my original art work done on paper with colored pencils and ink.

It is professionally printed on archival photo paper as I have found that this is the best product to show most accurate color and detail of my work.

This is a true story about a New England Farmer, me and Jelly Roll the mouse :)

He was selling corn and apples from the bed of an old pickup truck. He was an Old Timer, a rare and dying breed of New England farmers. Big hands and a face full of kindness, life and a love for living, his eyes sparkle and shine, and his whole face smiled, deepening his wrinkles in all of the right places.
The tailgate lay open and he cut kernels off of the cob, we share it, the raw, yellow and white pieces are sweet and juicy, the afternoon sun melts down on our shoulders. We get to talking, about gardens mostly. He gives me advice and encouragement and through his words I know he believes that life has away of working out. And I like that. We talk about tomato blight and crop rotation, about a Summer without any rain. His eyes light up and he tells me, without anger or malice, about the mice coming out at night to eat his vegetables, they have to because they are thirsty and the land is dry. He tells me about it and I learned something I didn't know... I, of course, am thinking that those little mice are pretty smart even if they are a nuisance... And then I get to thinking about my own little Jelly Roll and if he had to go out searching, I sure would want him to end up at that Old Farm. I think that if it could happen and Jelly Roll would carve himself a pumpkin, that Old Farmer would have grown a patch of mini ones just him and his kind. I liked that, too.
I exchange paper money for corn and apples, nourishment for our bodies but the intangible treasure I brought home that afternoon was food for my soul.     <3 Jen

Image size: 8 x 10 inches, with the double white mat the total size is 11 X 14 comes with backer board and in a clear sleeve.

Watermark is for online use only will NOT be on your print.




Cute Halloween Decoration/ Fall art print with Double Mat /Jack o lantern art

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