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Welcome to A Vintage Wren Custom Furniture

We are a family owned and operated custom furniture business located in beautiful Goffstown NH, where we work closely with you on your specific needs, creating each unique piece by hand for you.

We specialize in traditional farmhouse dining tables, modern industrial furniture, trestle tables, and Shaker furniture.

All of our handcrafted pieces are made to order, completely customizable, and built to last a lifetime. 

 We believe that the "Farm to Table" movement is more than the food we eat, but that it should be a way of living life and conducting business. Believing in the importance of a local, sustainable economy we have made it our mission to purchase lumber which has been harvested, sawn and kiln dried within our home state.

Most domestic and exotic hardwoods available upon request.

Serving New England: New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut

New Hampshire is tax free shopping :)

Please contact us with all of your dining table requests

Dining Table and Furniture Galleries can be viewed below

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Female Cardinal art painting
Wooden NH sign
Easter Bunny art
cast iron bird feeder
Carolina Wren painting
Wood Massachusetts sign

~ Our Story ~

The Woodworker and I have walked through life together, he and I. We lived and loved, learned and grew, we have cried and laughed, we have dreamed our dreams, we have mended broken hearts and held tight to the joy we know. We bought a little house on the rocky hillside of our beloved New Hampshire, where Winters are long and Autumn is a crowning glory.

We have the privilege of being dad and mom to our young man ~ a thinker, a dreamer, a reader, a writer and an artist in wood. And we know the pain of Babies who have went on to Heaven before us. We know the joy of being loved by a little black cat and a stripy gray kitten, who somehow came into our lives and filled it with joy untold. We live a life surrounded by natural beauty and splendor, in awe we have watched the changing of the seasons as the good Earth has kept time to her internal rhythm. We have let the dawn chorus of the birds be our awakening each Spring morning, we grow a little garden in the sun and warmth of our short Summers, we have felt the frost touch our lives in late September and the snowfall in November, we know that Spring has awakened when the sap of the Sugar Maples begins to rise and the lure of Maple sugaring calls our name. We had the privilege of educating our little man at home and thus we had the privilege of continually educating yourselves in the process. We know the wonder of quiet winter evenings, with the light of a lamp and crackle of a woodstove, a pad of drawing paper and a box pencils and the moment when a piece of art work is finished and all is well with our souls.

And that is our love story...

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 A Vintage Wren in the press

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