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Image size: 5 x 7 inches, with the double mat the total size is 8 X 10 comes with backer board and in a clear sleeve.
It is professionally printed on fine art giclée paper

MAT MAYBE WHITE OR OFF WHITE depending on what I have in stock.
Does not include frame


This Bumblebee or honeybee art print is from my original art work done on paper with colored pencils and ink.

Watermark is for online use only will NOT be on your print.

This drawing is very special to me, here is why:

He is not like you and I,
this, my little 'Bumble Jacket Boy',
The thoughts that ramble through his exquisite little mind
And the emotions that fill his little heart,
He can not express them, he can not release them as you and I.
His world is his and his alone...
He has a smile that fills a room and eyes that shine,
He knows a world of love and support.
And sometimes art can touch his soul,
and every now and then my words have left an imprint on his heart
This is my little 'Bumble Jacket Boy'

Of all the joys of my art and writing, knowing that I was able to touch this young boy's autistic world, however slight, has been the greatest reward I could have ever asked for. Back in May I had posted a drawing of a Bumblebee and a flower, his grandma had shown it to him and he studied and lingered over it and much to her surprise he even mentioned, hours later, the "bumble jacket", as he called it, when she left me message and shared his story I cried.
Since then the idea of drawing a picture just for him has been floating through my mind and I envisioned a little fairy dressed in a jacket like that of a bumblebee, so here it was a little yellow and black jacket with a pair of black slippers hanging from the thorn of wild rose bush along with a pair of tiny wings resting for the night or maybe for the long winter season just as a real bumblebee does.
Finally over the weekend it came to fruition and as life is being led by the graciousness of God, I learned that my little 'Bumble Jacket Boy' was going through a very rough time, as his momma has been in the hospital with an undiagnosed condition, this is the first time he has been separated from her... and although it was Grandma caring for him, it is still very hard on him. But I am honored and humble to know that my art has been something they looked at together each day to help him through that time. Can you even begin to imagine?? And how thankful I am that God led me to draw HIS picture just when he needed it most.... I am in awe at the wonders of life.
~Jen Dunn










Bumblebee print with Double Mat/ fairy art / autism awareness

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